Rolling Mills

Pulpit Operator

Al-Shuaiba, Al Ahmadi Governorate
Work Type: Full Time

Responsible for operating and controlling the rolling mill from mill train to bar switch with respect to proper operational mill parameters for consistent and stable rolling operations and product adhering to quality and quantity requirements.


Ensures compliance to ISO 9001 and 14001 requirements.

Complies with company rules and regulation.

Complies with Rolling Mill Operation Manual to ensure efficient and safe operation.

Encodes and downloads the required mill operational parameters in the Roll Master program.

Operates the mill control system at main pulpit from roughing mill to bar switch.

Monitors and controls the mill line thru visual observation, video monitors and computer interface system (HMI).

Inputs the required parameter adjustments (i.e. speed, wear compensation etc.) in the HMI and / or roll master to ensure stable mill operation.

Records shift delays in the Daily Shift Report form and electronically encode in the Level II Shift Delay Report.

Coordinates with Mill Operators, Finishing End crew and QAD to secure productive, efficient and safe operation.

Sets up the mill auxiliaries and utilities to the required condition when in non operation mode (i.e. size change, section change, shutdowns).

Conducts visual physical verification of the grooves in use as compared to the set-up sheet prior to mill start up operation.

Secures clearance with relevant maintenance personnel prior to start up after every major stoppages or downtimes involving maintenance events.

Assists in the pass, cassette, size and / or section change activities.

Assists in the clearing and disposal of cobbles.

Performs housekeeping activities.

Performs other duties appointed by the Production Supervisor.


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical, Electrical or Metallurgical Engineering.

Hands-on knowledge in bar mill operation and articulate in oral and written English.


Minimum of 6 years experience in the same capacity.

Stop Work Authority in case of major emergency situation or incident

Operate equipment and machineries as per rolling program and standards.

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