Rolling Mills

Finishing Area Assistant

Al-Shuaiba, Al Ahmadi Governorate
Work Type: Full Time

Responsible for the continuous flow and delivery of rebar materials from the cooling bed entry lifting apron roller table until the evacuation/unloading area by preventing or responding to possible causes of interruption. Ensures in-process product coming from the mill line conforms to the set standard through regular physical in-process checking and inspection. Responsible for obtaining rebar samples for QA testing. Responsible for securing correct number of bars per bundle is achieved per the set standard.

Responsible for the removal and segregation of non-standard length bars (short bars) and defective bars from getting into the prime bundles. Responsible for keeping all Finishing End area equipment and its sub-units free from any obstruction that can hamper operational continuity and bar counting efficiency. Responsible for manual bundling and turn-over of good short bars as well as the transfer of scrap materials generated.


  • Ensures compliance to documented ISO-9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Integrated Management System requirements.
  • Complies with company rules and regulations.

  • Complies with the Operation Manuals of all Finishing End Area equipment and sub-units (CB Rakes, Roller Tables, Cold Shears, Transferring and Collection Devices, Counting Bed table, Bundling and Weighing Units, etc.) to ensure productive, efficient and safe operation.

  • Monitors all sections of the Finishing End Area to prevent stoppages cause by undershoot and overshoot of bars, bar spreading, bent bars, bar misalignment, bar overlaps, bar stuck, short bars, bar looping, etc. Removes remnant tails of bars after cold shear cutting cycles, if any.

  • Performs bundle tagging and ocular inspection in the bundles for short bar inclusion and/or presence of oil stains and other bar defects. Secures that no bundle is lifted by the overhead crane unless inspected for compliance.

  • Performs in-process testing and inspection of rebar based on documented procedures. Obtains rebar samples for QA mechanical testing. Coordinates with Pulpit Operator and/or Cold Shear Operators regarding cut length, bar appearance and other operational concern feedbacks.

  • Ensures the consistent availability and supply of gas cutting materials and spare gas cylinders at all designated locations within the Finishing End area.

  • Responsible for the disposal of bar ends and crop deposits accumulated in the cold shears’ scrap buckets and ensures constant availability of empty buckets in all designated areas at all times.

  • Responsible for routine replenishment of wire coils in the bundling machines. Performs wire coil changing for problematic bundling wires as directive by the Supervisor. Responsible for ensuring that wire coils are mounted and ready for use in the spare magazines.

  • Periodic relieving of CSBM Operators whenever these operators are pre-occupied and/or engaged in other operational matters. Responsible for manual operation and intervention in the bundling machine local control desk whenever necessary.

  • Ensures that the following do not come into the prime bundle formation:

            Short Bars
            Contaminated Bars (Oil, Grease, Rust, etc.)
            Defective Bars (Slug inclusion, Deep marks, Huge Fins, Severe Broken Collar/Pass, etc.)

  • Manual bundling of accumulated short bars and/or reject bars for subsequent weight measurement and tagging before the end of the shift.

  • Performs manual counting of bars to generate prime bundles that meets the required bar quantity in a bundle. Performs bar quantity correction offline on bundles that do not meet the required quantity (bundle correction).

  • Performs continuous clearing activities within the shift to remove scattered short pieces of bars around and under all roller-ways and tables, chain conveyor beds, collection and bundling devices, weighing and unloading units.

  • Responsible for clearing and disposal of cobbled bars from TMT to CB areas and assists in cobble clearing in the mill line.

  • Assists in the size and/or section change activities as delegated by the Production Supervisor.

  • Responsible for maintaining cleanliness, orderliness, and good housekeeping in the entire Finishing End Area.

  • Performs other duties appointed by the Production Supervisor including but not limited to; pass and guide changes, pass cleaning and grinding, mill adjustments, bar sampling and inspection, minor welding and gas cutting jobs.


Minimum High School graduate. Preferably with certificate in technical/vocational courses.

Knowledgeable in bar mill operation and proficient in oral and written English. Preferably knowledgeable in basic welding and gas cutting operations.

Minimum of 5 years experience in the same capacity and/or its equivalent.

Years of Experience:
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Min. Education Required:
High School

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