Rolling Mills


Al-Shuaiba, Al Ahmadi Governorate
Work Type: Full Time
Responsible for machining, notching and branding of rolling rolls as per deformation and branding requirement standards. Responsible for machining of roller guides and/or other parts needed by other departments for operational use. Ensures that all jobs performed were recorded and filed.


  • Ensures compliance to documented ISO-9001 and 14001 &OHSAS 18001 requirements.
  • Ensures compliance with safe working practice on the shop floor and executing all industrial safety rules so that no damage occurs to man and machines.
  • Ensures compliance with all company regulations.
  • Follows instructions of Supervisor and carry out work as per his directives.
  • Ensures the safety of all machining, fabrication, modification, repair, and maintenance activities of his section.
  • Ensures conformity to engineering and quality standards within his area of responsibility.
  • Ensures the regular monitoring of all equipment under his section.
  • Identifies and analyzes problems, recommends, and takes corrective/preventive actions to prevent trouble redundancy.
  • Adheres to company policies and procedures including Safety and Housekeeping.

Performs other duties that may be assigned by the Rollshop Supervisor including but not limited to change pass, change guide, change stand, grinding and welding job, fabrication job, repair and maintenance of guides and stand and etc.

  • CNC Lathe Machine
  • Machines roll grooves of all mill rolls for Stand 1 to Stand 18.
  • Checks the machine groove using groove template as per design.
  • Inspects rolls before and after machining.
  • Inspects lubrication points and surfaces, coolants and hydraulics oil levels and                  replenishes supply as schedule/needed.
  • Ensures that all measuring instruments that are used are calibrated.
  • Uses the proper tools and inserts for machining, use the proper spindle and inserts for notching, proper electrodes for branding.
  • Ensures that all jobs performed are recorded and filed.
  • Informs Supervisor regarding shortage of tools in advance for purchase.
  • Marks dummy passes with red paint along the circumference.
  • Segregates rolls which have reached minimum diameter for scrappage.
  • Manual Lathe
  • Prepares mandrel and jigs for machining of roller guides.
  • Performs machining of delivery guide pipes, spacer and special works (e.g. special funnel, guide accessories and etc).
  • Performs machining of guide insert based on specification requirements, key and special work.
  • Performs machining of roller guides.
  • Performs machining of stand parts, accessories, and special works.
  • Performs machining of mechanical, electrical and other department’s spare parts as per job request.
  • Notching Machine
  • Performs regular standard check up on tools and equipment used for turning for notching, grooving, and engraving of rolls.
  • Performs program on notching machine on the required groove and notch based on the specification.
  • Measures and keeps records for all the rolls for tracking and verification purposes. (i.e., serial number and machining times).
  • Checks and monitors machine/equipment and rolls during grooving, notching and engraving.
  • Surface Grinding/Shaper Machines
  • Performs grinding of Shear Blades ( Cold Shears 1&2 and Shears 1,2&3 )
  • Performs grinding of keys and surfaces as per request.
  • Checks and monitors machine/equipment and rolls during grinding.
  • Replaces machine coolant as per schedule.
  • Performs shaping jobs as per drawing requirements and/or job request.
  • Lubricates all moving parts of the shaper machine.

Technical Diploma or equivalent

Basic Knowledge in CNC Programming
Basic scientific calculations
Basic Knowledge in using measuring instruments
Preferably have knowledge in basic welding and gas cutting.

Minimum of 5 years in operating the CNC machine and conventional lathe machine.
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Min. Education Required:

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