Rolling Mills

Utility Technician - Rolling Mills

Al-Shuaiba, Al Ahmadi Governorate
Work Type: Full Time

Carries out preventive, predictive, breakdown and corrective maintenance of hydraulics, pneumatics, lubrication, compressed air and water piping system and components. Supports maintenance objectives of optimum equipment reliability, availability and safety at minimum cost through excellent workmanship, reduction of delays and efficient use of spare. Supports production goals to meet tonnage targets & produce excellent quality rebars.

-Check daily utility piping & hoses for leaks and monitors tank levels, utility system pressures, oil & water flow, temperature and other parameters based on the checklist.
-Responds to production calls regarding mill lubrication and utility system abnormalities during mill operation.
-Fabricates and replace damaged, corroded or leaking pipes and hoses.
-Performs fixed time servicing of filters, regulators, lubricators & strainers.
-Prepares spare pipes spool and hoses as spare.
-Performs condition-based replacement of valves, cylinders, gauges, flowmeters and other utility system components.
-Does periodic sampling of oil from hydraulic and lubrication tanks and sends to external lab for testing in coordination with Planner and Chief Engineer.
-Performs inventory of all lubricating materials, hoses, valves, pipes & fittings to determine stocking level.
-Maintains log and records all line abnormalities and activities done during the shift and submit it to Mechanical Shift In-Charge.
-Calculates daily blow-down water consumption by weight calculation of water and no of trucks ( water shifting trips ) taken from blow-down tank from ICW, DCW and TMT systems.
-Takes samples from ICW, DCW and TMT and check water parameters to determine how much blow-down required and how much chemical needed to maintain good quality of water going to the mill.
-Maintains level of water in scale pit water basin to avoid overflowing of water in the slurry intrusion into the suction side of the water basin.
-Monitor Sand Filters as well as backwashing at HMI of main pulpit to ensure complete cycle of backwash.
-Maintains dosing station pumps to make sure that chemicals are adequately added.
-Operates and maintains all water pumps and pipelines so that there will be enough water in circulation.
-Troubleshoots equipment failures and takes corrective actions.
-Does inspection of preventive maintenance of cooling towers during mill shutdown.
-Carry out cleaning and replacement of gravel filters and sand of gravel filter during Mill shutdown.
-Drains all water basins and remove slurry pump operation, what and how many pumps are running. Operating parameters, blow-down water consumption, PH level and conductivity of water.
-Mixes water and chemical at dosing tank and conducts monthly inventory of chemicals.
-Observes safety standards and requirements at all times.
-Performs other duties of similar nature or level directed by superior.


Ensure compliance to Integrated Management System standards (ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO 45001) requirements.
Following all safe work procedures, safety rules and instructions.
Properly using all safety equipment and personal protective Equipment’s provided by the company.
Reporting all incidents, injuries, hazards and near miss to the appropriate person.


At least a Diploma in three-year engineering technology course or has taken 75 units of mechanical engineering course.

Minimum of 6 years' experience in hydraulic system repair and troubleshooting of work rolls in any steel rolling mill.
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