Steel Making Plant

Caster Operator

Al-Shuaiba, Al Ahmadi Governorate
Work Type: Full Time
Perform day to day activities related to Continuous Casting Machine (CCM) operation including preparation and maintaining safe working environment and reporting unsafe conditions. Perform related activities for process improvement as directed by immediate superior.  

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Performs Tundish Preheating including operation of Preheater, Refractory Inspection, Nozzle cleaning and CNC cylinder checking. 
  • Performs dummy bar preparation, centering and installation of quick sealing device. 
  • Conducts mold packing, setting all controls to ready cast position, mold inspection and oil flow test. 
  • Carries out tundish preparation for casting such as nozzle cleaning, tundish centering, nozzle bottom plugging and nozzle filling.
  • Performs ladle receiving activities like slide gate cylinder fixing/removal, ladle cover placing/removal, ladle shroud cleaning and re-attachment and ladle teeming throughout the casting period. 
  • Performs mold tendering including slag fishing, mold level checking, wetting nozzle cleaning, nozzle changing, metal splashes cleaning and monitor abnormal oscillation. 
  • Carries out manual cutting of billets during cutting torch failures, emergency billet evacuation during breakout and early disconnection. 
  • Carries out ladle and tundish nozzle lancing when no free flow of molten steel, reporting to ladle man for any ladle nozzle lancing activity. 
  • Carries out temperature measuring and metal sample taking activity and sending sample to QC lab. 
  • Applies tundish covering powder, spout cleaning and deslagging at regular interval. 
  • Performs mold changing activities including radioactive source handling, oscillating table retraction and cleaning of table track, mold transfer to maintenance area and getting spare. 
  • Checks air bellows for leak or abnormal sitting, mold oil leak, mold water leak, during mold oscillations jerking, and checking of mold cover touching and mold trolley locking interlocks and signals. 
  • Carries out housekeeping related activities to keep his work area clean and orderly. 

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